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We professionally paint and finish your cabinets and woodwork for a beautiful, long-lasting product that will add value to your home or business. We offer satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes in any  color available.

Painting Cabinets and  Doors Lacquer-How many coats are needed?

We have always used lacquer based paint on raw maple doors, and on occasion, when painting doors and cabinets we have used the same method. The number of coats will depend on how many flaws are on the doors. We are always able to get a nice looking satin finish by applying five coats on each side.  

Before getting started we are going to need paint, a good grade of lacquer thinner and possibly retarder or even accelerator.

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Retarder will slow down the drying time of the lacquer paint and the accelerator will speed up the drying time. It is a good idea to have the last two finish coats retarded, especially if there is moisture in the air due to living in a hot climate.

Accelerator may need to be added if the weather is cold or during the primer coats so you won’t have to wait around forever while it dries.

The best rule for us is get the paint and practice a little to see if we are going to need additional chemical additives


How we Paint Cabinets and Doors Using Lacquer Paint

Here’s how we have always prepped and sprayed our kitchen cabinetry doors. There are many methods that can be used to paint but this is the one that we found to work well for us using lacquer paint.  

1) Mix the paint as directed by the manufacturer.

2) Make sure the maple doors are sanded well prior to applying the first coat of primer. All dents and dings that are visible should be filled and sanded on both sides of the doors.

3) Spray the backside of all of the doors with one moderate coat of primer and let it thoroughly dry.

4) Fill all dents, dings and scratches and sand (using a vibrating sander) the first coat with 220 grit sand paper.

5) Blow all of the dust off of the door and wipe them off with a rag as you blow.

6) Apply the second coat of primer a little thicker and let it dry completely.

7) Fill holes and imperfections again and HAND sand the door again with the 220 grit sand paper. Blow off and wipe with a rag as your blowing off the dust.

8) Retard the third coat of primer slightly if it has been drying really fast.

9) Spray a nice medium thickness coat of paint. When this dries your doors should have a perfectly smooth finish with NO imperfections.

10) Very lightly, hand sand the doors.

11) Flip the cabinetry doors over and do the same to the front side.

12) When applying the finish coats, paint the backside first. Mix the top coat lacquer paint and spray a medium, really wet looking coat. This coat should dry slowly so retarder may have to be added. There should be no evidence of air marks (where the paint was applied too thin) in the paint but rather it should look like a mirror wet finish. Let this coat thoroughly dry.


14) Apply the final coat the same as the first finish coat. Let the doors dry for 24 hrs before turning them over to paint the front side.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting kitchen cabinets is a cost effective option of giving your old cabinets a new life. In every five to eight years you face the challenge of doing something about your old and shabby looking kitchen cabinets. With the rebuilding costs being too high you are at an impasse.

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If you have new but unfinished cabinets we can paint them to get the desired finish and style. Painting kitchen cabinets can give them a fresh and new look.

You painting plans should be finalized based on the type of wood and finish that you want to impart. Instead of painting your cabinets you may also get the desired results by staining kitchen cabinets.

You will be spending the next five to ten years with your choice. Remember to choose a color that is appealing and at the same time suits your style.

The process of repainting kitchen cabinets or staining them involves nearly the same steps. If you decide to paint we just need to perform the extra step of applying primer to the wood before actually painting them.

We have to start by taking the kitchen cabinet apart. Remove each piece that can be removed including doors, drawers, handles and hinges. If we are working on new unfinished furniture lightly dust the parts. In case you are working on old kitchen cabinets clean all the parts.

Start by sanding your old kitchen cabinets to make the surface as smooth as possible. With new cabinets you can skip this step with the assumption that these comes already sanded. If you do see scratches or dents on the surface, do lightly sand them.

If you have decided to paint the cabinets, you now need to apply primer on them. Use oil If you have decided to paint the cabinets, you now need to apply primer on them. Use oil based or water based on latex based primers. The primer depends on the kitchen cabinets paint that you have decided to apply. If you are to use oil based paints use oil based primer.

Let the primer dry and if possible lightly sand the surfaces again before starting the painting process. Wear protective gloves and cover the surface on which you are going to work with cover.

Use thinners to reduce the density of the paints and paint thin coats on all the cabinets. Remember for professional looks you need to apply thin coats of paint instead of thicker ones. Use good quality brushes to paint your kitchen cabinets.

If you instead decide to stain your cabinets, start by mixing the stain with a stick. Dip a rag in the stain and start by rubbing the rag on the surfaces. You can apply the stain against the wood or with the wood grain. Do not forget to stain all the edges and grooves and surfaces.

Once the paint or stain dries off, you may need to apply another coat of paint or stain to get the desired effect. Apply the paint and then let it dry. Join the pieces and your kitchen cabinet is ready with a fresh look. Repainting kitchen cabinets not only added a fresh look but also was light on your pocket.    

Priced  right, Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. jobs are always competitive and what you would expect to pay for a quality job. Find out today how affordable Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. really is. Call for a free estimate.

Los Angeles Painting Company, Inc. guarantees that you will be satisfied with your painting. The job will be done to your specification and we go the extra mile to make sure you are not only satisfied, but actually happy with the work!


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